The Wedding Jitters

Local Girls

E.P. 10”/DD

Release Date: 18/04/11

Cat No: SOUR05

Distributor: Cargo

    Side A:    Polished                

                    7 Salty Seas

    Side B:    Kitty Is A Bad Kitty*


*Features special guest vocals from Steve Morricone of The Scaramanga Six

Described by some as posh girl vocals backed by 3 potential rapists,  Local Girls return by royal disappointment to commemorate the forth coming  nuptials of William & Karen with The Wedding Jitters E.P. 4 emotionally broken tracks for your listening pleasure that explore the fragile sanctity of marriage and misguided sexual exploration; backed with hard, unforgiving Jesus Lizard style buzzsaw guitars and mocking blondiesque vocals. Lead track Polished kicks off like the archetypal “It” girl teetering in high heel shoes, giving us a taste of what is to come from forthcoming full length album Deluxe Kicks.

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